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    Please note that these are discounted pricing for your first-year domain registration. Domain renewals start at $60BZ for .com TLD. Click here to learn more.

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    One-Page Hosting
    Ideal for One-Page Websites

    $90US / year

    $15BZ /month

    • 1GB Disk Space
    • 10GB Bandwidth
    • CPanel
    • Free Auto SSL (https)
    • 1 Email Account
    • FTP Accounts
    • Sub-domains
    • Backups
    • Monthly Updates
    • Security
    • Support


    Standard Hosting
    Ideal for Business Websites

    $180US / year

    $30BZ /month

    • 5GB Disk Space
    • 50GB Bandwidth
    • CPanel
    • Free Auto SSL (https)
    • 3 Email Account
    • FTP Accounts
    • Sub-domains
    • Monthly Updates
    • WordPress Optimization
    • Backups
    • Security
    • Support


    Expanded Hosting
    Ideal for eCommerce Websites

    $270US / year

    $45BZ /month

    • 10GB Disk Space
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • 1st Year Domain Free
    • CPanel
    • Free Auto SSL (https)
    • 5 Email Account
    • FTP Accounts
    • Sub-domains
    • Backups
    • Monthly Updates
    • WordPress Optimization
    • Security
    • Support


    NOTE: Prices are in BZD. Payment methods available are CASH IN HAND or BANK DEPOSIT.
    View our Terms & Conditions for hosting & domain registration, Privacy Policies. Please
    contact us for more details.

    Frequently asked questions about Belize web hosting
    • What is website hosting?

      Simply put it is storing a website or other data on a server or other computer so that it can be accessed on the Internet.

    • What is a cPanel?

      A cPanel is an online web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a website…learn more.

    • Defining Bandwidth

      Bandwidth describes the level of traffic, and amount of data that can transfer between your site, users, and the Internet. The more bandwidth you have the more traffic you can handle…learn more.

    • What is a TLD?

      A TLD stands for “top-level domain”. It is the letters immediately following the final dot in an Internet address (for example .com).

    • What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

      “SEO is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. SEO encompasses both the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines…” Click here to read more

    • How much space do I need to build my website?

      A start up WordPress website uses less that 500MB. But keep in mind uploaded content, like images, document files and back-ups, can take up space. When choosing you should also consider your future plans to expand your website.

    • Static HTML vs. WordPress Website

      If you plan to update your website constantly we suggest using WordPress. You also get a login access to edit and update your website on your own! Learn more by clicking here.

    • What is an SSL Certificate?

      SSL certificates provides security for online communications and enables an encrypted connection. They keep online interactions private across the public Internet.

      – Help customers gain the confidence to provide personal information on your website.
      – Information used to sign in, enter personal data such as credit card numbers are kept private.
      – Assure users that your website is authentic.

      Most host providers charge extra for the SSL Certificate. We are offering it to you at no extra cost! SSL is the way of the future for secure browsing experience!

    • I don't have a Credit Card or PayPal. How can I sign up for a plan?

      No problem! Email us below and let us know what plan you are interested in. You can pay in person or make a bank deposit and we will set it up for you!

    • I only use USD currency.

      No problem. Prices are in Belize dollars (BZD) but you can choose to switch currency once you select a plan (on the left bottom section).

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