The pricings stated is for VBGP to register and manage your domain name on your behalf. A discount has been added to your first year when initially register your domain with us. Please note the renewal pricing below.

Managing your domain means we register is on your behalf and pay the renewal fee each year. You own all right to your domain and can choose to cancel it at any time (Please note that your website will no longer be available if you do so. You can also choose to transfer your domain to another domain provider at any time if you no longer wish for us to manage it.  There is an $80BZ fee for the transfer of a domain (certain TLD may cost more).

Domain Features
Feature you get when you register your domain with VBGP

ID Protection

This helps to protect your personal info as well as reduces the amount of spam to your inbox.

DNS Host Record Management

This is to help speed up your website by using External DNS Hosting and also improve availability with increased redundancy.

Email Forwarding

This is to forward your emails to a different email address. This can help by allowing you to manage your emails at one address. For example your Gmail account.

Renewal Fees
Prices to renew your domain registration with VBGP