Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions are between Visuals by Glenn Patrick and you (the user). Here are listed the terms and conditions you must agree to in order to use the list of products and/or services offered by Visuals by Glenn Patrick on this website (https://www.hostingbyglennpatrick.com).


Visuals by Glenn Patrick Content – All content available on this website (designs, text, graphics, images, video, information, audio, and other files) are the property of Visuals by Glenn Patrick and may not be modified, copied, distributed, reproduced, republished, downloaded, displayed, posted, transmitted, sold or exploited for any purpose in any form or by any means.


Account Registration – Visuals by Glenn Patrick will create an hosting account on your behalf. By having us create your account you agree that you are of legal age. You agree that if you are handling the account on someone’s behalf that they are informed and also bind to the agreements listed on this page.

You are responsible to give us accurate and updated contact information, including email, at any given point that relates to creating your account or us being able to contact you about your account. We will create the necessary accounts for you to access our services upon request. You are responsible to keep those account information confidential and protected on your end after we have issued them to you.


Ownership of Website and Domain – You/your business owns all rights to the finished website and domain name once the bill is paid in full. If your company grants Visuals by Glenn Patrick permission to purchase your domain name on your behalf there will be a service fee. The client is responsible to pay their domain renewal fee in time to ensure that they don’t lose ownership of the domain.


Hosting & Domain Registration – Visuals by Glenn Patrick will register and handle your domain name registration on your behalf if you chose to do so through us. Domain and hosting renewal fees are paid yearly. The renewal date will be the 1st of the month on which the domain was registered each year. This renewal date is important to ensure that your domain is re-registered on time. If your bill is not paid before the renewal date, you are at risk of losing your domain and your website is at risk of going down automatically.


Late Fees – If you are not able to pay for your renewals on time you may be charged extra for us to keep your domain registered. Visuals by Glenn Patrick will be sure to remind you of upcoming renewals at least two weeks before. A 5 days grace period will be given if your hosting and domain fees are not renewed on time. After this period a $50 late fee will be charged. If renewal fees are not paid within one (1) month your site will be at risk of being deleted from our servers.


Transfers – If you request that your domain or website be transferred to VBGP we must have access to do a full backup from your current hosting account. Kindly note that other hosting companies are structured differently and we may not be able to extract ALL the necessary data to make the transfer. If any issues arise  while doing the transfer we will be sure to let you know and work to find a resolution.

Please note you can request all login accesses to your website and cPanel if you would like to transfer your hosting from VBGP to a new provider. Your new web master can use these accesses to make the transfer on your behalf. A service fee will be charged if you would like VBGP to assist in the transfer of your website and domain to a new provider (separate from the price your new provider may charge for their services). Once transferred your business/ new provider takes responsibility for the account passwords, security, updates, backups and/or any issues you may face moving forward with your website.


User/Client Content – You may upload, store, publish, display, and distribute information, text, photos, videos, and other content on your website using our services. User Content refers to any content that you, as a user, all post on your website using our service. You are solely responsible for all User Content and activities conducted on your website using our services. You agree and ensure that you have all the right to or to use all User content on your website.

You also grant Visuals by Glenn Patrick a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide right and license to use the User content as needed in order to provide our services to you. Visuals by Glenn Patrick does not have any right to User Content outside of this. Visuals by Glenn Patrick has no control or desire of control over User Content but reserves the right to remove any User Content added through our services if we believe it is in violation of any of our policies.


Intellectual Property Rights – Provided that the content and images sent in are yours or you have permission to use them, you agree to protect us from any claim by a third party that we’re using their intellectual property.


Visuals by Glenn Patrick as a Re-seller – Visuals by Glenn Patrick may act as a re-seller of certain services and has no control if there are changes to these services. We will do our part to address any issues or concerns if these services change.


Third-Party Websites – This website may contain links to other websites not controlled or owned by Visuals by Glenn Patrick. We are not responsible for any Third-Party Websites accessed through this website.


Website Maintenance & Security – If you are under one of our hosting plans then we assume the responsibility for your website’s maintenance security depending on the plan you choose. This includes keeping all passwords secured, keeping WordPress and plugins updated, and backing up your website. We will put all measures in place to keep it protected.

With that said, it is important to note that even so things can go wrong. Hackers and users with malicious intent are constantly evolving their tactics to cause harm. In any such case, you understand that Visuals by Glenn Patrick will do all that is necessary to keep you secure and /or get your website back up as soon as possible. You agree not to use it as an opportunity to cause problems between you and Visuals by Glenn Patrick in any way, shape, or form, but rather work with us to resolve the issue as smoothly as possible.


Website Support –  Kindly note that website support is a separate service from website maintenance. Website support relates to services that includes, but not limited to, making content changes, adding new pages, images, and/or new or advanced features on the website after it is approved and launched. Pricing for website support depends on what is needed. Contact us for more details.


Emails – The webmail services are under the control panel and uses their own app. Webmail services are limited to your hosting plan resources but do what it was designed to do, send and receive emails. If you want to redirect these emails to your Gmail or Yahoo Mail to take full advantage of these services, please contact us. We will connect the main email for free. Any other emails after that will require a $45 service fee.


Email Spam – VBGP added a reCaptcha to forms to help stop bots from sending spam email. Kindly note this still doesn’t not stop humans from sending spam mails. There is also a system in place to detect spam and send it to the Spam Folder. We do not set it to automatically delete these emails because some emails from potential or existing clients/customers may meet the criteria to be categories as spam. You will be able to recover them from the Spam Folder this way.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to protect yourself from any harmful emails claiming you need to fix anything related to your emails, hosting or domain. If it from VBGP it will have our logo, signature and be sent from our official emails (info@visulasbyglennpatrick.com or glenn.patrick00@gmail.com). VBGP will not be liable for any harm that may come to you or your business in the result of clicking links or responding to emails not sent by us.


Invoice Disputes – You have 60 days to dispute an invoice if you feel there is an issue or you have paid already. You must present proof of payment in the case of such claims.


Cancellation of Service – You have the right to cancel using our services through email or via phone call at any time once we are properly compensated for services used thus far. For both domain & hosting, you can request to cancel the services with us immediately and transfer your website to new hosting (at a service fee) or keep your current hosting plan until the year subscription is up.


Refunds – No refunds on domain registrations once your domain is registered by us on your behalf. You are eligible for a refund on hosting once we have not put in any time to create your account. If the process has started when you decide to cancel, you agree properly to compensate us for the amount of work done thus far. No refund on the hosting plan after the first (1) month.


Termination – Visuals by Glenn Patrick reserves the right to terminate your services with us, without warning, if you refuse to make payment for renewal of any of our services by the due date; if you are found to be in violation of any of our policies or illegal activity. There will be no refunds if you are found in violation of any of the above mentioned.  WE MAY DELETE USER CONTENT, USER WEBSITE, AND DATA RELATED TO YOUR ACCOUNT AT THIS POINT.


Price Change – Visuals by Glenn Patrick reserves the right to change our prices for our services at any time for any reason.


Damages – Visuals by Glenn Patrick is experienced and has the capability to design & create a fully functioning website and will not be responsible for any damages caused to the website after it is tested, approved, and launched (in the case you have us handle your website creation). Be sure to follow instructions during the training section to avoid damaging your website in any form. The success of your website is bringing in profit is the sole responsibility of you the client through marketing, online ads, SEO, and any other means you see fit.


Third-Party Vendors – If you use a third-party vendor for your website beware that their policies may vary from Visuals by Glenn Patrick’s and we are not liable for any issues you may have with them. Visuals by Glenn Patrick is not responsible for any issues with any third-party services.


Refusal of Service – Visuals by Glenn Patrick does not promote hate, intolerance, pornography, animal exploitation, or any other unethical practice. Visuals by Glenn Patrick reserves the right to decline to do business with any client for any reason.


Disclaimer – Visuals by Glenn Patrick is not responsible for any damages your business may suffer. We offer no warranties for the services offered.


Backups and Data Loss – You use our services at your own risk. We backup your website on a regular basis according to the hosting plan chosen. You are solely responsible for all content and data on your website.


Acceptance of Terms – By doing business with Visuals by Glenn Patrick, you agree that you have read and understood the terms and conditions laid out on this page.


Visuals by Glenn Patrick reserves the right to change these Terms & Conditions at any time without warning. We may do so regularly. Last updated January 2024.